Anna Nicole Smith´s mansion on the market

Four years after the blonde bombshell´s untimely passing, her house has been put on the market. The big, ugly pinkish building is listed for a meager $1,75 million. This is still quite a wad of cash for most of us, but for a house in the Hollywood Hills of this size, and with these views, it´s a bit of a steal.

The house boasts stunning views of Los Angeles and smog filled skies

The house is currently owned by the estate of Anna Nicole, under the control of her lawyer Howard K. Stern and her holding company Hot Smoochie Lips Inc. Rumour has it that the house is put up for sale to pay for the care of Daniellynn, Anne Nicole´s baby with Larry Birkhead.

Custom Chandeliers throughout the house

Vaulted Ceilings in the living room with views of the canyons and the city

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