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Louis CK’s Shelter Island summer retreat

I have a secret crush on Louis CK. And now that I have seen the new house he bought, even more.
It’s located on an actual island in the far end of Long Island, nestled between Gardiners Bay and the Shelter Island sound. It can only be reached by ferry, and is a good 3 hours drive from Manhattan. The location alone is worth it, but look at this house. It’s gorgeous!

Louis CK’s Shelter Island retreat / Photography Daniel Gale / Sotheby’s International Realty via Curbed/Real Estalker

He reportedly paid $2,440,000 for the 4,957 square feet, 6 bedrooms, 3.5 bathroom mansion. It looks like it was designed by a German architect who liked Tudor style and watched the Adam’s Family. And it somehow even looks Eastern European. But I love it; both inside and out.

Louis CK’s Shelter Island retreat / Photography Daniel Gale / Sotheby’s International Realty via Curbed/Real Estalker

Louis CK’s Shelter Island retreat / Photography Daniel Gale / Sotheby’s International Realty via Curbed/Real Estalker

Look at that amazing sun room! Or that vintage kitchen. I hope Louis won’t rip all that character out. He seems pretty mellow and down to earth so I wouldn’t be surprised if these characteristics are what attracted him to the property.

Louis CK’s Shelter Island retreat / Photography Daniel Gale / Sotheby’s International Realty via Curbed/Real Estalker

I want a private dock too 😦

What do you guys think?

Sleep in a suspended bed on the island of Sicily

Monaci Delle Terre Nere is a boutique country hotel set amidst a Sicilian Estate in the foothills of Mount Etna. This Sicilian retreat is deliberately small and discreet, providing an unpretentious hideaway tucked away from hurly burly of life”.

Thus claims the website of what indeed looks like the perfect getaway! Owner Guido Coffa stumbled upon this old Villa and decided, more or less on the spot, that he’d own it and restore it back to the glory it once had. And he succeeded. 

One of the eight rooms, the one with suspended bed, in the Monaci delle Terre Nere boutique hotel on the Italian island of Sicily.

Photograph through Wallpaper/ Monaci delle Terre Nere

Jon Hamm’s modest NYC Penthouse

Take a look at the floor plan of this apartment.

It’s nice enough, sure, but does it look like a succesful 10-time Emmy nominee actor lives here? Well, he does. Mad Men’s Jon Hamm shares this 2 bed, 2 bath with actress ladyfriend Jennifer Westfeldt. And they have put it on the market.

It’s not their primary residence, that’s LA, but they likely spent quite a bit of cash on renovating it. I love the sunroom in the back. Especially the window panes. But I would have done more with the space. Probably turned it into a conservatory with lush plants and flowers. And maybe I would’ve panelled the walls with low bookshelves. And the rug is very blah….

Despite its humble size, the apartment is listed for $2,450,000… It’s hard to believe, but I actually think that’s a trick to get it sold fast. The terrace is a massive commodity in NYC as is the view of Central Park. The price therefore surprises me a bit. However, true to NYC fashion, there are monthly charges of $3,661. That does include taxes, a part-time doormen and porter, a live-in super, storage rooms and free laundry facilities.

The building was designed by renowned architect Rosario Candela. He was most famous for his many NYC apartment blocks. Apartments in his buildings are popular because both kitchens and bathrooms tend to have windows, as is the case in this particular property

Source and images: The Real Estalker

Tall windows

The Dutch like their windows. Maybe because in the old days our winters were cold and dark, so we wanted to let any of the sparse sun light in as much as we could. Visitors of Amsterdam often marvel over the huge tall windows that can be found in canal homes. And with the Dutch not liking closed curtains, they often offer true Home Voyeurs wonderful peaks into what’s behind those windows! It saves on bills too as the warmth of the sun heats up a room pretty fast with large windows. Our own home has three large windows facing the street, each over 7 feet tall, but we live on the 2nd floor. However, I have shown my home here enough I think. So here some other examples to feast your eyes on. Not necessarily Dutch by the way.

Rachel Zoe’s got her work cut out for her in her new house

She sure has some styling to do! Celebrity fashion designer and stylist Rachel Zoe bought a new house, and boy does it need work!! A simple paint job is not going to cut it. This needs a lot of TLC, eye for detail and money… lots of money. And she had such a nice house! 


Rachel Zoe’s new home. Pictures courtesy of the Real Estalker

Read the whole story at the fantastic blog of  The real Estalker

Fully furnished apartment, uninhabited since 1942, discovered in Paris

Time stood still in this remarkable place. An apartment, left by its owner fleeing for the Germans in 1942, wasn’t rediscovered until 2010. The magnificent large apartment belonged to Madame Florian, who never returned to her home after the war. She died in 2010. Bailiffs and those in charge of her estate found documents showing she rented an apartment in a desirable part of Paris. When entering, they stumbled upon a treasure trove of turn-of-the Century antiques and memorabilia including a painting by 19th century Italian artist Giovanni Boldini. Madame Florian paid her rent every month.


The smallest apartments in Amsterdam

A top three of teeny-tiny apartments in the Amsterdam real estate market.

1. 16m2 / 172 ft2, right on the canal

This very compact refurbished studio apartment on Amsterdam’s posh Prinsengracht offers all you need. A new kitchen with basic appliances, a small freshly retiled bathroom with shower, toilet and vanity. The roof is sloped,further limiting the available floor space. But it has its charm, and I can imagine the view, once one sticks their head out of the window, is quite nice. The studio is in the front of the building, so canal side. It was on the market for €120.000 / $162.000. That’s €7500 per m2 / $942 per ft 2, which is quite steep even for Amsterdam standards. But it sold within 4 months.

A tiny studio right on an Amsterdam canal

A tiny studio right on an Amsterdam canal

Refurbished and move-in ready

Refurbished and move-in ready

2. 22 m2 / 237 ft 2, again on the same canal

Funny enough the second smallest apartment is not far from the previous one. Again, this tiny studio is in a very characteristic and typical Amsterdam building on the canal. However, this apartment is not as refurbished as the other one, and the kitchen leaves a lot more to desire. But it does have double doors opening to a French balcony and I guess it’s bigger. The apartment faces the garden in the back, so no canal view. A big bonus is a storage room on the ground floor and access to a communal garden. This one was on the market for €129.000 / $174.400 and sold in a bit over 4 months. The price per m2 / ft 2 of €5864 / $736 didn’t scare potential buyers.

Another studio on one of Amsterdam's famous canals

Another studio on one of Amsterdam’s famous canals

French doors leading to a French balcony facing the communal gardens

French doors leading to a French balcony facing the communal gardens

View to the gardens in the back. The owner of this studio has shared use of the garden

View to the gardens in the back. The owner of this studio has shared use of the garden

3. A 23 m2 / 248 ft 2 studio with balcony overlooking a canal in up and coming Amsterdam West

This building is a bit of a landmark. It’s right along a canal by a working drawbridge, so many of Amsterdam’s inhabitants have seen it while waiting for passing boats. It’s in a part of town that was not really desirable up until a few years back. Since then, many people have ventured that way for its cheap real estate, and its proximity to the more popular parts of the city. This brought in new shops, bars and restaurants and in turn caused a fast rise in prices and a shift in the area’s popularity. That makes the price of €89.000 / $120.000 surprising.  Only since the crunch have prices dropped slightly below €100.000 for the smallest of places in lesser areas. The owner must have been going for a quick sale. Like the other, this one sold in a little over 4 months. Surprising because flats in this building tend to sell faster. Especially considering this is one of the few with a balcony. Only the first and top floor units have these. The apartment consists of a small living/bedroom, a separate kitchen, nice when you only have one room, and a small bathroom. There are a few built-in closets. The view is quite spectacular. And there’s a shared garden, laundry facilities, private storage and a communal bike storage. The building itself is an architectural gem so all in all a very good deal for €3870 per m2 / $484 ft 2.

The 'Geuzenflat' overlooks a working drawbridge in one of Amsterdam's newer canals.

The nicknamed ‘Geuzenflat’ overlooks a working drawbridge in one of Amsterdam’s newer canals.

The building's official name is Oranjehof, and is listed as a monument

The building’s official name is Oranjehof, and is listed as a monument

The door leads to a balcony overlooking the canal

The door leads to a balcony overlooking the canal