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Beautiful ánd sustainable – Mosaic Decocos tiles made from coconut shells!

Just as I was looking for a special way to treat two walls in a design for an office, I came across Decocos’ tiles. Little mosaic tiles made from residual waste from the coconut processing industry. The unused shell of the actual nut is sawn into tiny ’tiles’. Both inside and outside can be used and create a spectacular wall feature certain to deliver a wow factor.


Decocos Edge tiles / Foto: Castillo Foto voor Vega Projects

Decocos Edge tiles / Foto: Castillo Foto voor Vega Projects

100% ecological and sustainable
Because the shell is normally disposed off as waste, Decocos tiles are truly sustainable. Not only did they find a purpose for the shells, but the production of the tiles creates jobs and income for the local community in Vietnam. Because the source of the tiles, the nut, is so natural, the tiles have the same characteristics as wood. This means none of them are the exact same size of texture, and they often show little imperfections or even the fibres tat are so typical for the shell of the coconut. This actually enhances the natural sensation of the wall and gives it a chique and rich look.


Inside Out Decocos tile / foto: Castillo Foto voor Vega Projects

Inside Out Decocos tile / foto: Castillo Foto voor Vega Projects

End Strip Decocos tile

End Strip Decocos tile

Inside Out Decocos tile in Coral wassing

Inside Out Decocos tile in Coral wassing

Caré light Decocos tile

Caré light Decocos tile

The tiles come in a variety of finishes, textures and can be finished further with various laques or oils. They can even be dyed in several colours from coral to rich purple ti fit every home or interior. Check out for more information.

Edge Decocos tile

Edge Decocos tile

Flea Market Fabulous – order this wonderful book now with almost $10,- discount in the Homevoyeurs shop

In my home, most of the furniture comes from flea markets, goodwill or even from the street. Other people’s trash can be a real treasure. Interior designer Lara Spencer agrees and wrote a book about it. Flea Market Fabulous, and it is. Over 180 pages of great tips and ideas illustrated with wonderful photography. A great gift for interior design lovers and those who appreciate brocante, second hand and vintage.

The homevoyeurs webshop offers this book with almost $10,- discount. Order your copy now

Flea market Fabulous

In Flea Market Fabulous, interior stylist Lara Spencer gives great tips and pointers for flea market and goodwill shopping

The New Ikea catalogue!

Anyday now the new Ikea catalogue will be distributed. Yesterday I attended the Pre-launch party of the new catalogue here in Amsterdam. The venue was spectacular; the new rooftop bar in the Double Tree Hilton hotel. The PR team put in great effort and decorated a room identical to the cover of the new catalogue. Even the view looked similar!

De nieuwe IKEA gids

The cover of the new Ikea catalogue

The collection shows a lot of known and loved items, but also many new arrivals. The PS 2014 wardrobe for instance. It looks like a metal case, but also like a locker. It has a nice industrial feel to it either way. I am particularly smitten with the small Knopparp two-seater sofa. It comes in both bright yellow and grey, and is a steal at €69,99!And I love the Strandmom chair. I wrote an article about this great piece two years ago.

De Knopparp is een kleine tweezitsbank voor nog geen 70 euro!

You gotta love the Knopparp sofa!

IKEA PS 2014 garderobekast

IKEA PS 2014 wardrobe

At the door we were handed a goodie bag, or rather basket, with among other items the wonderfully nostalgic Dekad alarm clock

Dekad, de nostalgische wekker van Ikea

Dekad, de nostalgische wekker van Ikea

Did you know that the Ikea catalogue is the largest period publication? It is printed in a staggering circulation of 217 copies in 49 countries worldwide, and translated in 32 languages.


Breton stripes. Nothing adds more timeless elegance to a home

So simple, yet so chic and effective. In both fashion and home-deco, nothing oozes timeless elegance more than a Breton stripe. For as long as I remember I have owned at least one Breton jumper. Perfect for when a wool v-neck has gotten too warm, and short sleeves are too chilly. In the home it works year round. It adds to the warm and cosy feel in autumn and winter when combined with checks, warm fires, (faux) furs and candles. And in spring and summer it matches with the green of plants in full bloom, wooden patio furniture, cool drinks in elegant glass ware and flowers. Try using it not just in patterns on throws and cushions, but also on walls (horizontal!) and even ceilings or floors.

Floor, ceiling and walls. Both horizontal and vertical. Jean Paul Gaultier meets Versace meets Chanel……

Kate Collins cushion – Breton Stripes

Again used horizontally on walls – Breton Stripes

A wide, horizontal stripe adds drama – Breton Stripes

Amazing use of outside space – Breton Stripes

There’s a reason some of the greatest creative minds love them 😉

Andy Warhol loved them – Breton Stripes

Picasso (by Robert Doisneau) in Breton Stripes

Coco Chanel, Audrey Hepburn and James Dean – all in Breton Stripes

Jean Paul Gaultier turned them into ART!

For me Breton stripes bring back memories to holidays in France with my parents and brother and sister. Throw in a pair of espadrilles and a baguette with Nutella and it’s all coming back!