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The New Ikea catalogue!

Anyday now the new Ikea catalogue will be distributed. Yesterday I attended the Pre-launch party of the new catalogue here in Amsterdam. The venue was spectacular; the new rooftop bar in the Double Tree Hilton hotel. The PR team put in great effort and decorated a room identical to the cover of the new catalogue. Even the view looked similar!

De nieuwe IKEA gids

The cover of the new Ikea catalogue

The collection shows a lot of known and loved items, but also many new arrivals. The PS 2014 wardrobe for instance. It looks like a metal case, but also like a locker. It has a nice industrial feel to it either way. I am particularly smitten with the small Knopparp two-seater sofa. It comes in both bright yellow and grey, and is a steal at €69,99!And I love the Strandmom chair. I wrote an article about this great piece two years ago.

De Knopparp is een kleine tweezitsbank voor nog geen 70 euro!

You gotta love the Knopparp sofa!

IKEA PS 2014 garderobekast

IKEA PS 2014 wardrobe

At the door we were handed a goodie bag, or rather basket, with among other items the wonderfully nostalgic Dekad alarm clock

Dekad, de nostalgische wekker van Ikea

Dekad, de nostalgische wekker van Ikea

Did you know that the Ikea catalogue is the largest period publication? It is printed in a staggering circulation of 217 copies in 49 countries worldwide, and translated in 32 languages.


The Social Catalogue – Entire Ikea collection available on Instagram

What a clever idea! Ikea Norway asked fans through Facebook and Instagram to photograph their favourite item from the catalogue. They were asked to make use of the hashtag #ikeakatalogen. To encourage people to join, IKEA selected a weekly winner who would win their photographed item. Within 4 weeks the social media edition of the Catalogue 2014 was a fact.



Ikea dollhouse collection

This is cool! Ikea is about to launch part of their collection in miniature dollhouse size! The Swedish retail giant decided on this after a poll showed kids wanted a more modern interior for their dolls too. Since forever, I have been pondering on an idea to start a modern and exclusive line of dollhouse furniture. But if Ikea is already zoning in on this with their cheap and mass-produced collection, I might have missed the boat?

Ikea dollhouse collection

The dollhouse furniture set is called Huset. It features the Klippan sofa, Lack table, Expedit shelving unit, Stockholm rug, Famnig Hjärta pillow and Vago chair.

It will be available from early August, when Ikea launches its 2014 catalogue, and will be priced at around $19,- / €9,99


Famous Wisseloord Studio’s restyled by the Huizenfee

Remember my earlier post about ‘De Huizenfee‘, the Home Fairy? She recently sent me these pictures of her work in the famous Wisseloord Studio’s in Hilversum, the Netherlands. These studio’s were set up by Philips in 1978 to record albums for their record label. Many famous people made use of the facilities including Elton John, ELO, The Rolling Stones, the Police and the late Michael Jackson. The studio recently underwent big renovations and that called for a new interior too. De Huizenfee and her magic wand were called to decorate. An architect provided the blank slate. Ikea, vintage design, one off’s and some amazing pieces from the old interior, together with the magic touch of de Huizenfee provided the ingredients for the final result. Great work!

The White Lounge at Wisseloord Studio’s. Styling by de Huizenfee

The Blue Lounge at Wisseloord Studio’s. Styling by de Huizenfee

IXEA; Roman furniture

The Dutch Limburgs Museum in Venlo currently hosts an exhibition about furniture in Roman times. Set up as an Ikea store, the exhibition allows visitors to try the items on display. And everything is for sale, yet not for the wallet friendly Ikea prices. A small side table, that took 4 days to make, costs about $5.000. All the furniture are replicas of items found in archeological sites as Pompeii and Herculaneum. The exhibition runs through to January 2012.






Bemz teams up with Designers Guild

Ikea-furniture pimp company Bemz have incorporated designs by Designers Guild in their ever-growing collection of prints and fabrics to give your Ikea sofa a second chance in life.

In an earlier post I wrote about companies offering slip covers for Ikea sofa’s and chairs. Bemz was one of them. The Stockholm based  compa ny, spawned from the mind of the owner whilst on maternity leave, offers a large variety of fabrics they turn into slip covers to pimp your Ecktorp, Karlstad or Klippan sofa’s and chairs. Most recently they added designs from Designers Guild to their collection.

Designers Guild @ Bemz.com

“Founder and design guru Tricia Guild is famous the world over for her bold and graphic designs and unique pattern combinations. She has also authored several books, in which she encourages us to introduce colour and pattern into our homes. Tricia finds a lot of inspiration among plantlife which she injects with asian, antique and bohemian elements.”

Inspired? Or need to be? Try one of Tricia Guild’s books available through the Homevoyeurs.com webshop.

For instance Tricia Guild Flower Sense; The Art of Decorating with Flowers. Now available for $30.40 & eligible for FREE Shipping in some countries.


Tree’s a company

Spotted in magazines, on the web, in stores and on TV; the tree is hip, happening and very much in vogue.

We had the deer antlers, the faux stuffed reindeer, the vilt greens et all, but it looks like we need to take the hunting gounds proper indoors too to keep up too!

Dutch design duo Snodevormgevers(sly designers), consisting of Josef Blersch and Ander Liefting, designed a tree trunk inspired metal locker type TV or liquor cabinet, a stool and even an entire fireplace.

Snode Vormgevers

Snode Vormgevers

 Visit their website for the entire line of products.  

A classic, but unavoidable one in this line-up is the Odda coat rack. 

Odda @ Ikea

Odda @ Ikea

A bit in line with the whole ‘putting-your-coats-in-a-tree’ concept; wall stickers with trees come in various shapes and sizes. Stick one up on the wall by your front door and put up a few hooks at the end of some of the branches.
Tree Wall Sticker

Tree Wall Sticker

Hooks not included, but you can buy those at any DYI or decorating store. Wall stickers might be a bit 2002, but they somehow survived the ever changing trends tidal wave and are here to stay for a while to come.
Ferm Living Shop, a US based online shop does a great collection of wall stickers.
I personally really like this pine tree version.
Pine Tree Wall Stickers @ Ferm Living

Pine Tree Wall Stickers @ Ferm Living

The Fast Forestgarden, home and office furniture collection takes its inspiration from trees in winter. It was designed by Robby & Francesca Cantarutti and is made in Italy.
Fast Forest Armchairs

Fast Forest Armchairs

Shawn Lovell metalworks’ fairytale-like four poster bed shaped like trees and twigs complete with birds nest is actually made of metal!
Shawn Lovell metalworks Tree Bed

Shawn Lovell metalworks Tree Bed

For those who want the big kahoona, the actual tree, or at least parts of it in the house, try the Burlwood furniture of American designer George Nakashima. You need a bit of cash to spare as the below table, sold at Sotheby’s in 2006 for $822.400
Obviously, the more financially challenged among us can go cheap with pimping any old chest of drawers with sprigs or twigs (no too thin) found in the woods. And big logs of a tree can make great tables or stools. Further to this, your old regular saloon type stools and tables made from solid pine or hemlock make great decorative statements and are relatively easy to come by if you live in a wooded area.  There are quite a few online shops selling this type of rustic log cabin type furniture.
Chest of drawers decorated with twigs a pulls

Chest of drawers decorated with twigs as pulls

Rustic Pine Barstools

Rustic Pine Barstools