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The Social Catalogue – Entire Ikea collection available on Instagram

What a clever idea! Ikea Norway asked fans through Facebook and Instagram to photograph their favourite item from the catalogue. They were asked to make use of the hashtag #ikeakatalogen. To encourage people to join, IKEA selected a weekly winner who would win their photographed item. Within 4 weeks the social media edition of the Catalogue 2014 was a fact.



Anthropologie, amazing home accessories from the USA now in Europe and online!

On a recent trip to Edinburgh we stumbled across a fantastic shop called Anthropologie. This American chain of stores recently opened their doors in Europe with two shops in London and one in Edinburgh. They sell women’s clothes that, with my modest knowledge, are a bit too gypsy-ish and ‘oh look at me getting it and reading books and being clever‘, but their home deco stuff was simply put a-ma-zing! I walked around wanting to buy pretty much everything. It’s hard to define or to label what style, but bohemian, retro, kitsch, quirky, edgy, French and classy all spring to mind.

They have a well stocked online shop and the good news is they deliver pretty much all over Europe from their EU site! So that little vase that I couldn’t bring due to Easyjet’s one bag only policy can be making its way to me anytime soon!

Curvy Chrysanthemum Vase, €28.00

Fleeting Apparition Jug, €378.00

Stellata Rug in three sizes between 2,5 and 8 feet round From €82.00 - €416.00

H&M Home collection!

Yesterday the postman made me cry a little bit. With joy that is. I received a lovely catalogue of the Hennes & Mauritz home collection!, available online NOW!



Natural Collection

Natural Collection

In line with great H&M tradition the collection is hip, colourful, stylish and DIRT CHEAP!
Tea towels and dish cloths for a mere €3 or less, pillow sheets for as little as €3,99, duvet covers for €29,99! To be fair, they only measure 1.40 x 2.20 which is too small for most double beds, but still.
Tea cloth with shopping cart

Tea cloth with shopping cart

Cushions, throws, plaids, table linen bags, baskets, towels and bath mats; they have it all!
The collection consists of four different lines; Graphic, Colourful, Natural and Classic.
Check the online shop on their website.
Natural Collection

Natural Collection

 They launched the online shop this week in Sweden, Germany, The Netherlands and Austria. It is not known yet if the collection will launch in other countries too.


Choose paint colours online with pictures of your own room

paint-rollerIn a DIY store or paint shop, colours look so different from when you actually put them on your wall. Also, that hint of egg shell tint that looks almost to faint to notice in the shop can make your bedroom look like a giant Easteregg when all walls are painted. Another mistake often made is that relatively dark colours can make rooms look smaller. The contrary is more true; colours that are to pale and lack any contrast make a room look not only smaller, but also darker. Shadows appear much more grey and grim on light colours such as yellow and white than on dark ones like red and darker blue. Especally in darker rooms. Don’t be afraid to paint north facing rooms in darker colours. It will likely add more warmth and depth to your room than a lighter shade will. Currently all our walls downstairs are white. We still don’t know what colour to paint them, but some of the walls will get a contrasting lick of paint.

Online there are several websites to help you choose the right colour for your own home. Many of them offer tools that allow you to ‘paint’ walls online to check the effect of certain colours. Most of these make use of stock photography of rooms in a variety of styles. An example is the  Sherwin-Williams visualizer. Below a picture I used from their, limited, options.

Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams

Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams

They do have an ample palette of colours available to choose from, but all rooms look more or less the same to start with. What I really like about this site is that the fields to paint are clear and lines and borders are recognized by the tool.

A Dutch initiative is Kleurinspiratie.nl Here you can upload your own photographs so you can see what works and what doesn’t in your own interior. By dragging and dropping paint in a bucket to your wall, the tool fills fields with the colour of your choice. Shadow casts and electricity cords work as borders so it takes a while to ‘paint’ entire walls. Also, somehow the tool does not recognize paintings or other decorative ornaments such as lamp shades as it tends to paint those on the way too. There’s an eraser function to get rid of excess paint.

I had a lot of fun ‘painting’ the wall in my stairway, my bedroom, loo, kitchen and living room. The last one is pictured below.

Left is actually the painted wall

Left is actually the painted wall

As you can see drawing a straight line is a bit hard, but it does give an amazing impression of what it would actually look like. I really like the colour actually. As you can see it does not make the room darker at all, despite it being a pretty hefty dark colour. We were thinking of using this colour in our bedroom but it doesn’t look good there at all! 

Check the site here and give it a go yourself. All paint colours used are widely available and are part of the collections of some of the biggest interior magazines in the Netherlands.

Other, mainly American equivalents are to be found here, here and here.  All work with stock photographs of standard rooms per theme. The last one charges a small fee to upload your own photograph.

Rakin’ in design.. for free!

Friends of ours have recently purchased an amazing house in a new development.  The house won’t be finished for a while, but it is never to early to start planning the decorating of the house! Especially if you have a master plan…

They vowed to try to decorate the house, or at least parts of it, for free….How, I hear you ask? By making use of my (and their own) online buying tips! Buy and sell with a profit are the magic words in this story my friends. Their ultimate goal is to buy a light grey Cassina MISS sofa. It’s the mother of all sofa’s and makes for a stunning feature in your house AND for relaxing evenings in front of the box.

However, they do not want to spend a single penny on it…..  And here’s how they are doing so far.

In order to achieve their dream they are currently buying and reselling design furniture they find online. Here is a picture of their sitting room as it was up to last Thursday.

 Last week the same site they sold their sofa through listed an ad of someone selling their B&B sofa for €2250. It was in better condition than the one they had just sold for €3500 so they bought it.  In order to accommodate the large design piece, They stored the Le Corbusier sofa and chairs and put the B&B in it’s place for as long as it lasts. They immediately put up an ad on the same website asking  €4000 for the sofa, hoping to get €3250. That would mean a total profit of €3750! 

Sitting room before

Sitting room before

 Lots of Le Corbusier chairs. They actually found those online too. And yes, that is an Eileen Grey side table you see in the corner. And the good news is that that same little table will be gracing my sitting room with its presence soon!

But the plot thickens. They bought a 2nd hand B&B Italia Charles sofa for €3000,-. However, after a few weeks, they realized that as beautiful as it was, it was anything but comfortable (as often is the case with design). They sold it online with a profit of €500,-. In the mean time they bought the Le Corbusier sofa and chairs as on the picture and put those in their sitting room, thinking they would keep the room as on the picture until the new house was finished.


The coffee table and side table are from the same collection as the sofa; B&B Italia Charles.

Sitting room after, with the B&B Italia Charles sofa

Sitting room after, with the B&B Italia Charles sofa



But the plot thickens even further…. Unbelievably enough they found an identical sofa online for €850!  It is not in as good a condition as the other one, but will easily make €2000 bringing their total to €5000! All this within a few weeks work. And this is just the beginning.

Good luck guys, you are an inspiration to many of us!

I am now logging off to frantically look for something I can sell with a profit to start my fortune….Anyone interested in a Bijenkorf Table from the 60’s?