H&M Home collection!

Yesterday the postman made me cry a little bit. With joy that is. I received a lovely catalogue of the Hennes & Mauritz home collection!, available online NOW!



Natural Collection

Natural Collection

In line with great H&M tradition the collection is hip, colourful, stylish and DIRT CHEAP!
Tea towels and dish cloths for a mere €3 or less, pillow sheets for as little as €3,99, duvet covers for €29,99! To be fair, they only measure 1.40 x 2.20 which is too small for most double beds, but still.
Tea cloth with shopping cart

Tea cloth with shopping cart

Cushions, throws, plaids, table linen bags, baskets, towels and bath mats; they have it all!
The collection consists of four different lines; Graphic, Colourful, Natural and Classic.
Check the online shop on their website.
Natural Collection

Natural Collection

 They launched the online shop this week in Sweden, Germany, The Netherlands and Austria. It is not known yet if the collection will launch in other countries too.


5 responses to “H&M Home collection!

  1. I love the caravan they used as set for the shoot!

  2. Don’t you just love the skyline design!

  3. binnenkijken

    Yep 😉 Enough to have ordered two pillow cases but they are not available until the beginning of April…

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