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Bathroom retile. Black and whites

A last post before I leave for a well deserved trip to Tuscany!

Our bathroom is showing some serious wear and tear. It’s a shame really because it’s not that old. It was installed and tiled in 2007, and looked good for about ten minutes before the tiles started fading. They are big grey slate tiles, and to be honest; I am a bit fed up with those anyway. They were a bit too much of a trend so you now see them in all renovations done between 2006 and 2010. Time for a re-tile it is.

Current bathroom. The floor is not visible, but believe me when I say it looks nothing like the slate on the walls anymore

Current bathroom tiles. They look great on the wall, it’s the floor where the problems start



You can see the faded tiles in the shower. They tick me off each day and it's just not worth it.

You can see the faded tiles in the shower. They tick me off each day and it’s just not worth it.

We are leaving the grey slate on the walls, and I am thinking of treating them with an oil finish to make them stand out. For the floor I am either thinking black and white, or just white. Either way, a smaller tile as I think the contrast with the bigger grey slate will look great. Have a look at some of the pictures I collected on my pinterest moodboard. I looked for pictures with a distinct darker colour on the walls to highlight the contrast between the floor and walls.

Love this. It obviously means I’ll have to infuse my bathroom with a few more brocante or antique-ish items, but I guess I could give our bathroom a similar feel. Painting the bathroom rack black or dark grey/blue is a start. Maybe add a small chair?

A clean look, with small white tiles. They are not expensive either. I’d make the seams between the tiles a bit thicker to really show the contrast. And I’d make them dark. This because it would look better, but also because white seams are a nightmare to keep clean


Love this too. Small round tiles, the so-called ‘penny rounds’, found in many American bathrooms from 1940’s and 1950’s. I love how they instantly give character to a bathroom


I also thought of maybe going for a more elaborate floor with a massive contrast effect. But as we are thinking of maybe putting up the house for sale next year, this might not be too great an idea…..

Just look at the floor in this one as the rest is a bit tacky. I do have a thing for marble though….. I bet this would look great with the rugged, dark slate…. But I am dreading even thinking of the final invoice….


What do you reckon I should do?



What a budget of €1250 can get you in Amsterdam

Say you are an expat, or a graduate moving from a university town ready to start that new job, but you just need a home. Ideally two rooms, and in a nice are close to bars, shops and restaurant as you are not ready for the ‘burbs yet. Your budget is a mere €1250. What will that get you in Amsterdam? The city know for it’s high rents and frustrated real estate market. Here’s a closer look.

If it’s Amsterdam to the fullest you’re after and you just have to live on a canal within the 101x zip, you might like this little number on Nieuwe Herengracht. Actually, 80m2 is a pretty decent size in a town where square meters come with a price. The apartment was recently refurnished with nifty looking vintage and antiques and has a funky red fully equipped eat-in kitchen and a spacious lounge and bedroom. It even has a balcony and is in the very desirable area de Plantage, home of Artis, Amsterdam’s Zoo. The rent is €1250, but this excludes utilities. So budget at least another €100 to keep the heat and warm water running.

Amsterdam apartment for rent

Amsterdam apartment for rent

Amsterdam apartment for rent

Amsterdam apartment for rent

In another desirable part of town, the old Jewish quarter behind Waterlooplein, this charming warehouse conversion is on the market for €1250 too. Again, furnished, albeit not as swish as the previous place. However, this is a duplex apartment with an attic conversion bedroom. The building seems to share a communal waterfront space which allows for lovely pick nicks and maybe even a boat? The area is lovely with the famous thrift market Waterlooplein, all the bars and restaurants of both Nieuwmarkt and China Town and the Red Light District near by too. This is old Amsterdam for you.

Amsterdam apartment for rent

Amsterdam apartment for rent

Amsterdam apartment for rent

Amsterdam apartment for rent

Amsterdam apartment for rent

Amsterdam apartment for rent

If it’s style you’re after, don’t mind small space living, and want to be in the middle of it all, this is your place. This 30m2 two room apartment is on the top two floors of a lovely house in the Jordaan; another great area. It’s been completely revamped and looks very sleek and modern yet cosy too. It’s a bit cheaper than the other two places, but does not include utilities. It’s furnished however, and the location is quintessential Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Apartment for Rent

Amsterdam Apartment for Rent

Amsterdam Apartment for rent

Amsterdam Apartment for rent

Amsterdam Apartment for rent

Amsterdam Apartment for rent
































Which one would you pick?


Great books about interior design, living and how to start a design business for knock-out prices!

Do you want tips on interior design? tips on decorating? Tips on how to start an interior design company? Looking for a great gift?

Have a look in the Homevoyeurs Webshop It’s worth it! Sure, it can do with a bit of a revamp, but that would mean an investment and then I would not be able to offer you guys these insane discounts! Below just a few examples of great gifts, treats, spoilers and must reads.

Frank Fontana’s Dirty Little Secrets of Design

The Color Scheme Bible: Inspirational Palettes for Designing Home Interiors. By Anna Starmer $13.57

The Interior Design Sourcebook / Thomas L. Williams / $14.56

How to Start a Home-Based Interior Design Business / By Nita B. Phillips / $12.62

Tasschen to open shop in Amsterdam!

Dutch coffee table book lovers; max out your credit card AND your coffee table! German publisher Tasschen, known for their budget friendly books on anything related to design, art, architecture, fashion and photography, is opening a flagship store on glitzy PC Hooftstraat!


A spokesperson for the company that imports Tasschen commented “The store will sell the budget friendly books, as well as luxurious high-end books and limited editions worth thousands of dollars”.

Tasschen previously opened shops in London, Paris, New York, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Berlin and Brussels

The Homevoyeurs webshop also sells books to fill your coffee table. For instance this one: Constructive Furniture by Jean Prouve, Ray Eames and Charles Eames for $29,95.

Constructive Furniture

Waking up in a dumpster

It sounds like the morning after a bender with a few drinks too many. However, if you ask Berkeley California-based Gregory Kloehn it can be a regular morning ritual. Gregory managed to fit an entire home in a dumpster.  And,  in line with Bay Area standards (at least to my knowledge from living there back in the late Nineties) the home is fit with hardwood floors and granite counter tops. In this video Gregory tells us all.

$700 for a 90 square feet Manhattan apartment.

Felice Cohen was willing to sacrifice space for a lower rent in a much desired neighbourhood. She would never be able to afford living in the same zip code if her apartment wasn´t the cupboard sized space is it. She pays a mere $700 a month (dirt cheap for Manhattan standards) to live one block from Central Park … on 90 square feet.

Watch her give a tour of her home in this video.

Boca do Lobo gold folding screen

This truly magnificent 201 x 145 cm folding screen is part of the Limited Edition collection of design label Boca do Lobo (Wolf´s mouth). The large golden pebbles are actually fiberglass painted gold in a high gloss varnish. It doesn’t come cheap at € 13.900 but boy, I love it!

Gold, Boca do Lobo

Gold folding screen by Boca do Lobo