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Waking up in a dumpster

It sounds like the morning after a bender with a few drinks too many. However, if you ask Berkeley California-based Gregory Kloehn it can be a regular morning ritual. Gregory managed to fit an entire home in a dumpster.  And,  in line with Bay Area standards (at least to my knowledge from living there back in the late Nineties) the home is fit with hardwood floors and granite counter tops. In this video Gregory tells us all.

$700 for a 90 square feet Manhattan apartment.

Felice Cohen was willing to sacrifice space for a lower rent in a much desired neighbourhood. She would never be able to afford living in the same zip code if her apartment wasn´t the cupboard sized space is it. She pays a mere $700 a month (dirt cheap for Manhattan standards) to live one block from Central Park … on 90 square feet.

Watch her give a tour of her home in this video.

Boca do Lobo gold folding screen

This truly magnificent 201 x 145 cm folding screen is part of the Limited Edition collection of design label Boca do Lobo (Wolf´s mouth). The large golden pebbles are actually fiberglass painted gold in a high gloss varnish. It doesn’t come cheap at € 13.900 but boy, I love it!

Gold, Boca do Lobo

Gold folding screen by Boca do Lobo

Mazzeto Blanco ‘fireplace’.

This wonderfully designed wall mounted bioalcohol fireplace caught my eye.
It is kitsch and sleek at the same time, making it timeless already.


Mazzeto Blanco by Redwitz


It’s designed by German design duo Redwitz, headed by Sylvia and Lukas Redwitz. Their own website describes their work as follows:

Sylvia and Lukas Redwitz design objects deeply rooted in the tradition of their craft while using their very own language of form. Their aim is to always seize the essence of an object. The two designers are concerned with the entire process of making: from the concept and design of an object to its production and finishing. Due to this creative process their unique style is developed: minimal and distinct.


The Homevoyeurs.com webshop sells many books about fireplaces. For example this one by Jane Gitlin. Now on sale for $9,98.