H&M home collection spring 2011

Yesterday I went to the press preview of the H&M home collection. The display was rather disappointing and I am not sure I like all the products as much as I usually do. Lot’s of repeats on previous themes albeit slightly toned down. Many graphic prints of Club55-esque drawings, texts about imaginary towns or ports, fruit prints etc. I somehow feel I have seen it before very recently or too long ago. Often in colours I am not sure are ready for their revival yet…..None of the items seem to grab me like many items in the previous line did. I might not be their target audience though.  Below  a preview and the new collection in H&M’s own words.


Agrican and exotic influences


It’s time for a total spring clean with Home, as the new season arrives bursting with ideas inspired by the gardens that are beginning to bloom outside. The 21st century urban gardener is a big influence this season. Natural coloured linen gives every room in the house a simple, raw feel, which is combined with shades of green and earth tones to create a no-fuss minimalism that contrasts with the romantic femininity of spring flowers. There is also a modern styling mix for the home which is heightened by an injection of bold ethnic prints with a dramatic African feel, alongside nautical stripes and playful prints of hearts and cherries. This is all part of H&M’s ever-expanding Home range, where fashion and interiors are united to create a constantly changing collection which is affordable, accessible and full of energy and life.


Marine, Disney; it's all there.


“Spring 2011 is all about rawness, simplicity and nature, with inspiration taken from botanical green, industrial settings, utility garments and ethnic graphics. It’s a season when you want to bring new light, new colours and flowers into the home. And, after a very decorative autumn, we feel the need to clean up and bring a more subtle, minimalist feel to our homes,”says Evelina Kravaev Söderberg, H&M Home’s head of design.


Micro gardening, urban greens and vegetal prints



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