Diane von Furstenberg’s Manhattan rooftop studio

Inventor of the much appreciated wrap around dress, American Diane von Furstenberg Studio’s recently moved all her business ventures into one building. The new headquarters fit perfectly in New York City’s fashionable Meatpacking District. The six-story building has been beautifully restored in keep with the surrounding buildings. But once inside be prepared to be surprised. The center of the building consists of one gigantuous stairway slicing the building diagonally past all floors. One corner of the structure is topped by an Olot, Spain-made faceted glass sphere that is part of the penthouse suite.

Photo © Elizabeth Felicella

Basically, von Furstenberg wanted to bring together her business’s activities in one building that would include a flagship store on the street level, a 5,000-square-foot showroom and event area, along with office space for 120, plus her own office and living quarters. How’s that for working from home?

New York based architecture firm Work Architecture Company (WORKac) was in charge of the renovation and design.

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