Katy Perry moves East Coast!

It might be to be closer to her mother in law, as hubby Russel hails from good old UK, or maybe it is just to be where some of the other action is. Katy Perry bought a modest sized anything but modest prices apartment in NYC. The newlyweds are the happy reported owners of 1,500 square feet, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms in New York’s SoHo district.

image snatched from the real Estalker

If you’re thinking she’ll be singing “East Coast represent, now put your hands up!” you’re wrong. Mrs Perry (or is it Brand now?) stays true to her roots. Just last year she and then still live-in boyfriend Russel splashed out $3,250,000 for a -not sure what country but surely mediterranean style – mansion in the trendy LA hood Los Feliz. Cause you could travel the wo-orld, but nothing comes close to the Golden Coast.

Image courtesy of the Real Estalker

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