Cape Town’s own Frank lloyd Wright

Cape Town based architect Antonio Zaninovic recently designed this private residence at the base of Table Mountain. Despite it being a very modern structure in rich contrast with the natural surroundings, it does not impose itself onto the landscape. Preferable to some buildings that are designed to resemble natural structures but hopelessly fail to fit in.

Image courtesy of The Cool Hunter

Bridle Road Residence, as the home is called, is reminiscent of homes designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Open structures, glass facades broken by small metal panes.


Image courtesy of The Cool Hunter

Image courtesy of the Cool Hunter

The Santiago, Chile-born, Zaninovic graduated from the University of Chile’s School of Architecture in 2000 and spent five years at Steven Harris Architects in New York before establishing his own practice in 2005 with Madrid, Spain-born architect, Ana Corrochano.

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