Tall windows

The Dutch like their windows. Maybe because in the old days our winters were cold and dark, so we wanted to let any of the sparse sun light in as much as we could. Visitors of Amsterdam often marvel over the huge tall windows that can be found in canal homes. And with the Dutch not liking closed curtains, they often offer true Home Voyeurs wonderful peaks into what’s behind those windows! It saves on bills too as the warmth of the sun heats up a room pretty fast with large windows. Our own home has three large windows facing the street, each over 7 feet tall, but we live on the 2nd floor. However, I have shown my home here enough I think. So here some other examples to feast your eyes on. Not necessarily Dutch by the way.


The American Dream in miniature

This looks like it is an original 1940’s postcard. A typical display of the real American dream. Lush green suburban avenues and a car for everyone. However, it is not what it seems. It’s the work of artist Michael Paul Smith, who too to recapturing scenes from his childhood in 1950’s USA… in miniature.

So no 1940’s Suburbia, but a plank, miniature cars, and the perfect angle

This guy is my new hero. I think he is awesome….

photography: Michael Paul Smith

source: messynessychic.com

Kendrick Bangs Kellogg designed Joshua Tree rock house for sale

For the first time since its construction, this architectural master piece is on the market. Kendrick Bangs Kellogg designed it for Beverly Doolittle and her husband in the late eighties. They had bought a rocky hillside plot in desolate Joshua Tree National Park, and wanted something that blended in with its naked surroundings. That Kellogg succeeded might be proven by the fact that this home is relatively unknown. Maybe people never spotted it. The roof looks likes a large ribcage carved out of pebbles. The colour is a slightly duller hue than the red rocks it is surrounded with, but it almost looks as if it was shaped by nature.

Kendrick Bangs Kellog’s villain lair – pictures by TTK

It’s spectacular nonetheless. LA Curbed.com describes it as a supervillain lair, and it very well could be indeed! It can be yours for $3000.000. Check the original listing here.

Living room – pictures by TTK

Bedroom – pictures by TTK

The roof looks like a rock carved rib cage – pictures by TTK



The Social Catalogue – Entire Ikea collection available on Instagram

What a clever idea! Ikea Norway asked fans through Facebook and Instagram to photograph their favourite item from the catalogue. They were asked to make use of the hashtag #ikeakatalogen. To encourage people to join, IKEA selected a weekly winner who would win their photographed item. Within 4 weeks the social media edition of the Catalogue 2014 was a fact.



The Future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades! Neon and Fluorescent inspired interiors

Fluorescent and neon inspired interior. Hotel la Belle Juliette, Paris

Fluorescent and neon inspired interior @ decorationtrend.com

Bright pop and neon inpsired interiors by TrustedRegina

Neon pink office @ decoist.com

Rachel Zoe’s got her work cut out for her in her new house

She sure has some styling to do! Celebrity fashion designer and stylist Rachel Zoe bought a new house, and boy does it need work!! A simple paint job is not going to cut it. This needs a lot of TLC, eye for detail and money… lots of money. And she had such a nice house! 


Rachel Zoe’s new home. Pictures courtesy of the Real Estalker

Read the whole story at the fantastic blog of  The real Estalker

It’s been too long! Another ‘What series is that TV-home from’!

It’s been ages since I last posted one of these. I thought I ran out of good homes to use, but since last time, we have seen many new shows. And as it turns out, I missed quite few older shows still. So here we go. What series are these houses from?

This first one is an oldie. A very popular show that ran from 1971 to 1979. It dealt with many controversial issues and after watching most of the episodes again recently, I as surprised to see how some issues still are relevant!

Mystery house number one

Mystery house number one

The second home is featured in a show that broke many records. I believe it is the most watched show ever. It ended only recently, and views on how it ended were mixed. In the show’s end it is derelict and neighbourhood kids use the pool as a skating ramp. The owner, the main character in the show, comes back while on the run from the law and everybody else to retrieve something he hid.

Mystery House number two

Mystery House number two

The show the third house is shown is, is another big hit with a recent season finale. Talks are there will be another season, but the person who lived in this house died in the show. So my guess is the show is ended. However, the other main character in the show recently got promoted in her job, and was about to deliver a baby soon. So maybe there is room for more after all.

Mystery House number three

Mystery House number three

The fourth mystery house is not technically a house but a building. And the show only featured the bit underneath the awnings. But when everybody there knows who you are, you could at least call it a second home….

Mystery House number four...

Mystery House number four…