Show the world how YOU live

Hi there fellow home voyeurs!

We all love it; looking in other people’s homes. You can tell so much about somebody from the way they decorate their house. Furthermore, it might inspire you or give you creative styling ideas. So what’s better than a website just for that one single purpose; seeing how other people live?

Are you in dire need of some interior styling tips? Would you like to hear what other people have to say about the sweat and tears and hard work you put in your house? Share it with us!

Share your home, the bits you need help with, your style, your creative styling ideas with the world and send me pictures and a short description of your house, style, nook, corner, lounge area, kitchen etc. Please don’t forget to tell me your name and location. 

Happy voyeurism everybody!

slick white and roomy

slick white and roomy

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