Divine Design with Candice Olson

God bless cable, and God bless digital TV even more! Discovery Travel & Living brings us Dutch viewers the godess of design: Candice Olson wit her show Divine Design! In a mere few days this Canadian lady turns around entire hooses to little design Edens. With contageous enthousiasm and a great sense of humour she brightens up my day every time I see her. 

6 feet of design genius
6 feet of design genius

Somehow her site is no longer accepting members so the most exiting bits, the member areas, remain forbidden for me. This means that her site actually leaves quite a bit to wish for. Check it out anyway; www.divinedesign.tv

There are some bits and tips on there that might be helpful.

Her show however is truly one to watch. If you need quick, handy, easy to use and not too expensive tips on how to decorate your hoose, make sure to tune in. Her site should tell you where and when it airs in your area. If you are not sure, there’s always Google.

Candice also has her own line of furniture with Norwalk Furniture. Unfortunately not yet available this end of the pond but our North American readers should be able to find a retailer not too far away.

The cool thing about her furniture is that you get to customize it to your personal taste.

You can check out their website on www.norwalk furniture.com.

Candice, please branch out and come to Europe!

Candice Olson line sofa. Photograph courtesy of House of Oak and Sofas
Candice Olson line sofa. Photograph courtesy of House of Oak and Sofas/Norwalk Furniture

3 responses to “Divine Design with Candice Olson

  1. I’m at home watching candice’s show and pulled up this blog on the computer. I really enjoy her show. She seems to have a more upscale view of decor. Many of the TV interior design stars seem to base thier designs on trendy colors and items which will be out of vogue next year. I wondered why no one on TV uses antiques in thier decor. Is it too difficult and/or time consuming to find the right items? Her taste (Candice) seems to support an inclusion of antique items. Does she use vintage and antique elements in her own home? Mention of her views on antiques somwhere, sometime in an episode would be interesting. I just went to Europe on a quest for antique items and I realize that finding the right item is a matter of luck and hard searching. I went with the tour group EuropeAntiqueTrip check out thier website if you can. Well, back to the TV to watch the rest of her show!

  2. Kathleen Smith

    I really love your show!!! Any room you design I truly get the wow!!! factor. Hands down you are the best designer on HGTV. I can watch you all day. Keep up the good work. You are the “bomb”. 🙂

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