Borat’s brother’s house?

On Youtube there are tons of video’s of proud home owners sharing footage of their humble abodes.

Some are amazing, stylish, chique, trendy, quirky, crafty and cute. Other are.. well, just different…

Borat’s brother?


(somehow the youtube window doesn’t appear, so try copy-pasting the url in yourt browser)

I do like the dining room chairs and, obviously, the pool but the rest of the decor is missing a certain je ne sais quoi..Maybe he just moved in? If not, let’s hope he’ll discover the joys of decorating soon ūüėČ

This house obviously shows massive potential!

I will ask whoever posted it to share the final result with us. The floor and view alone make for a fantastic home. I bet it will look smashing once everything is renovated and done up. Can’t wait!

Then there is this post of someone’s new home in Raleigh North Carolina USA.

The music is a bit too bombastic and, quite frankly, scary for the nice outdoorsy feeling you get from watching the video.  I never knew it could be fall like that in North Carolina, thought it was too far south for that. I do hope they put up some sort of sound wall along that highway there. The house seems to be pretty close, and judging from the video the deck is facing the highway.

The street looks like it is a dead end street which will limit the traffic in front of the house. And I think you can walk towards the creek from the garden? The fencing and barb wired structures on that bridge¬† just scream “please don’t jump” don’t they?

Check out Youtube yourself and type in ‘my new house’ or ‘our new house’.

2 responses to “Borat’s brother’s house?

  1. I love that house!
    The music made it seem as if the previous owners had been slowly clubbed to death by Evil Demons, and what’s with the prison like walk ways?
    A nice piece of piano music would have been much better.
    But that is a cute Little House in the Big Forest. Really liked the little round window.

  2. I love the deck!

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