Astier de Villatte; marvelous porcelain from Paris


Paris based ceramists Astier de Villatte makes handcrafted porcelain that looks like it walked out of a 17th century picture book. Their products range from simple big dinner plates to eg cups to coffee mugs and teacups with rich ornaments and patterns. Their shop in Paris, on the rue Saint-Honore is decorated in dark brown woods to maximise the contrast with the milky white porcelain.

In 1996 siblings Mathilde and Alexandre Carron mastered a special technique their artist father had taught them. With this they could create delicate looking milky glazed porcelain and earthenware. Since then, they secured themselves a well deserved spot on the ‘what’s hot’  list of design loving and stylish people all over the world. Though most of their products are white, no two plates, bowls, cups or mugs are exactly the same.Their brand branched out fast with many shops-in-shops and flag ship shops opening up. Further to porcelain and ceramics they added to furniture, table ware and cutlery to their range of products. And like any self respecting lifestyle brand they launched a fragance line consisting of colognes, perfumes, scented candles and soaps.

all images courtesy of Astier de Villatte /

all images courtesy of Astier de Villatte /

Their website is a small treat which reflects the brand in a fun a quirky way. Check it here


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