Walter Bosse, German ceramist

During one of my daily fixes at Apartment Therapy, I saw a great little gadget that caught my eye. It was an ashtray in the shape of a porcupine or hedgehog (what’s the difference?) that was made out of several tiny hedgehogs stacked into each other. The folk at AT were so impressed they created a little video to show it’s craftiness. You can check that here

It is a designed by German ceramist Walter Bosse (1904 – 1979). His most famous works are little statuettes of fairytale- or children’s illustration like animals. He used porcelain, glass, metal but is most famous for his use of wrought iron. He managed to design some his work so that it combined art with functionality. He designed egg cups, coasters, cigarette tempers and ashtrays. The hedgehog was such a success that it is actually featured on Bosse’s tomb stone!

Walter Bosse cat shaped egg cup

Walter Bosse cat shaped egg cup


As soon as I saw the ashtray, I knew I had to have it. I don’t smoke (anymore) but my husband does so I decided to buy one for him. He smokes cigars, and the ashtray is far too small to support those, but anything is allowed when it comes to art buying right?

I found and bought one on Marktplaats and it was delivered yesterday! It looks very distinguished in my newly decorated office.

Walter Bosse Hedehog Ashtray

Walter Bosse Hedehog Ashtray

Bosse's tombstone in the Austrian Bezirksmuseum

Bosse's tombstone in the Austrian Bezirksmuseum

4 responses to “Walter Bosse, German ceramist

  1. so did the guy die of longcancer? I don’t know P., it seems to me like a strange thing to have on your tomb stone. But anyway, it’s a cute little thingy…

  2. love the bed! Not sure about the tombstone either…

  3. Walter Bosse hat einige so allerliebste Sachen entworfen. Ich bin total begeistert und beeindruckt.

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