Spot more TV shows!

Ok, Ok, I like this the best I reckon, and I know many of you do too, pop culture quizes involving famous TV and movie homes.

This time, it’s all TV again, no movies. And it’s randomness galore as the era’s these shows aired are all over the place. However, I will try to cross reference you through the entire thing, as Hollywood is and always will be a world where 6 degrees of separation is a waste of time. To give you a bit of a first hint; I added some Italian spices as all shows feature one or more characters of Italian descent.

I want the names of the show, and the name of at least one of the characters of Italian descent.

Starting with house, or rather, building number 1. An all time favorite. This is the building where a couple of buddies, mates, chums or pals lived in this long running successful series. The clue is in the word I so desperately try to avoid.

Mystery TV home #1

Mystery TV home #1

House number 2 is set in a suburb not far from building number 1. It’s a suburb in new Jersey to be precise. The organisation of American-Italians criticized the show for stereotyping Italians. To be fair, the lead character has an almost Oedipus-esque relationship with his mother, who in turn has the hots for his uncle, who actually tried to get him whacked! And they eat a lot. But I have been to Italy plenty of times, lived there even, and that is what they do!

Mystery TV home #2

Mystery TV home #2

From the Jersey shores to the Florida beaches. Plenty a pensioner has done it. So did the characters in the show featuring this house.
Mystery TV show House #3

Mystery TV show home #3

TV critics actually compared this show with the much later airing HBO hit Sex and the City. Mind you, SATC features women at least half the age of the characters in the show I am looking for, but yes…four women, dating various men….one of them slutty…… I totally see it.
Talking of SATC.. one of the girls in that show had a part in the show I am looking for next. We set sail for the West Coast for building number 4. This building featured in a spin off show, spun off a popular show named after a famous zip-code. Not far from that zip-code was where this show was set. It all revolved around several people in the beginning of their careers living together in one place. Each with their own amenities by the way. They only shared a pool.
Mystery TV home #5

Mystery TV home #4

From this place, it’s a small step to the next house. If only because surprisingly many people from the previous show made their entry in this fictitious suburban street. That’s all the clues you’re getting by the way. I think this one is a bit of a giveaway…..
Mystery TV home #5

Mystery TV home #5

For the next, and final house, we take a step back. Both geographically and in time.  We lay down our hat in Milwaukee, and jump back a decade or 5, yes, those were the days.
To be honest, the fact that this show was set in Milwaukee is a little known one. The state is mentioned like, never, in the show. A better clue would be to tell you that one of the lead characters later made fame as director even picking up a few Oscars on the way. But as that might still be leaving a few of you clueless, one more clue. The Italian character in this show is called Arthur, but is more commonly known by his nickname. In fact, the only person allowed to call him Arthur, was the lady of the house in the picture.
Mystery TV home #6

Mystery TV home #6



That’s it, good luck! And as usual, the winner gets my ever lasting respect.

8 responses to “Spot more TV shows!

  1. Friends!
    Joey Tribbiani!
    Well, all of them are Italian, right?
    Golden Girls, Sophia and Dorothy were Italians
    Melrose Place
    Hmmm. Italians? Nobody springs to mind…
    All in the family! (was Archie Bunker Italian?)
    I was in Seattle last year and almost went to the museum that has his chair.

  2. 1 Friends
    2 Sopranos
    3 Golden Girls
    4 Melrose Place
    5 DH
    6 Happy Days

  3. Liz beat Pienelope to it with most of the shows. However, Pienelope got Happy Days right. Yet we still need the name of the Italian character in Melrose Place and in Happy Days…. anyone, anyone?

  4. Michael Mancini?

  5. Correct!
    Liz; you might have found your competitor…..However, Pien didn’t get all the names of the characters so I think you are equal winners.

    Funny thing was that I originally had Archie Bunkers house in the line-up but due to a lack of Italian characters it got bumped for Happy Days 😉

  6. The Fonz!!!
    He´s Italian!

  7. 1. Friends (joey tribianni)
    2. Sopranos
    3. Golden Girls
    4. Melrose Place
    5. Desperate housewives
    6. Happy Days

    I didn’t look at the other answers. Did I win something?

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