Fletcher Capstan table

This is a truly amazing table!

It is round, and at the press of a button, amazingly doubles its seating capacity yet remains truly circular. It stores its expansion leaves within itself so no more logging around bits of table like with many original expansion tables. Existing tables can seat six persons when small, and twelve or more when expanded.  DB Fletcher is responsible for the design. Check their website for more details.

2 responses to “Fletcher Capstan table

  1. Dear Pieter,

    What a beautiful view on the garden in Haarzuilens i saw at your Flickr-pics.
    The garden is a place where many sweet memorys are hidden.
    Although i enjoyed staying there, as a youngster i did not recognized the colors.

    Hugo Z.

  2. Beautiful! what a smart design
    I would want one if it weren’t so ugly, of course that is only my humble opiniion.

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