My new secretary writing desk!

My best friend and her husband have decided to stop renting in Amsterdam and move to Spain more or less permanently. She was tired of renting out her flat, stashing her furniture in either her mums garage, a rented storage unit or her flat occupied by sub tenants. Between her stuff was this amazing little secretary/writing desk that I had always been a bit jealous of. For my last birthday, my 35th, she surprisedme with a gift wrapped desk  in my living room when I returned from a luscious morning massage ands lunch my hubs treated me on.

I decided to put in in the corner by the French balcony in our dining area. On the 2nd picture collage in the article about my home, you can see that spot was originally reserved for an antique little chest. It looked great there, but it also looks great next to the sofa in the sitting room.

And more importantly, my secretary was made for that spot as the picture below shows.

Not sure why the picture is a bit out of focus...

Not sure why the picture is a bit out of focus...


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