San Fran’s hunky mayor sells über plush pad

Gavin Newsom, the dark haired tall and dashing mayor of San Francisco has put his 1650 plus square feet penthouse on the market.  This as he is planning to strut his stuff in Sacramento as governor of California. Newsom is controversial to say the least. Many a puritan and hypocritical narrow minded American want him out for allowing gay marriage in his city. He himself is married to actress Jennifer Siebel, so, damnit, not gay.

Newsom and then some!

Newsom and then some!

The penthouse is located on the 20th floor of Bellaire Tower, an Art Deco landmark from the 1930’s. The lay-out offers windows on the sides of the apartment allowing views to stretch from the Golden Gate Bridge, across to Marin County, downtown and the TransAmerica Pyramid and the Bay Bridge.

Pics courtesy of the Real Estalker

Pics courtesy of the Real Estalker


One bedroom only....

One bedroom only....

My first impression is “where is the balcony?”. If I were to put down $2,995,000 for a place to live I’d like a little balcony… and a guest room for that matter….

I like the way it looks though, nice decorating there. And I can only imagine the views in real life!

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