Jumbo Jet Hotel

Talking about recycling! Swedish Airport Arlanda now offers guests the possibility to sleep in an old airplane.

The airplane, a decommissioned model 747-200 jumbo jet built in 1976, was last operated by Transjet, a Swedish airline that went bankrupt in 2002. It was originally built for Singapore Airlines and later served with legendary Pan Am. This according to the website of the Jumbo Hostel

Cockpit suite

Cockpit suite

The current owner got a permit to turn the jet into a Hostel at the entrance of Arlanda airport. There are 85 beds in total in a total of 25 rooms. Most of the rooms contain 3 bunk beds each except for the cockpit which was transformed into a luxury suite. One of the wings boasts an observation deck and there is a cafe and bar where once sat many coach flying passengers. The rates start at around $40 for the bunks to $350 a night for the suite. Both include breakfast.

Jumbo Hostel Cafe

Jumbo Hostel Cafe

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