Georgia Russell, BOOK ART

On a recent browse trip to somethinbeautiful.blogspot I stumbled across the amazing work of Georgia Russell. This Scottish artist (1974) uses a scalpel instead of a paint brush,and books, old photographs, postcards and other paper objects instead of canvas. With her unique and meticulous (and as it appears time-consuming) technique, she transforms the paper in stunning 3D objects.

Autant en emporte le vent

Autant en emporte le vent

 Her agents website describes her work as follows:

Russell slashes, cuts and dissects printed matter, which she then manipulates and re-constructs into extravagant, ornamental, sculptural paper-works. The decorative qualities and inherent potential of her found ephemera are fully exploited as she transforms books, music scores, prints, newspapers, maps or photographs – sometimes with flamboyant colour and wild cutting, or with discreet play on the subject or title of her printed matter. Her works hover between object and image.

She was born in 1974 in Elgin, Scotland, and studied Fine art at Aberdeen University and the Royal College of Art. Various prestigious museums acquired her work including the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.


Memoire 2001-2002

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