Vidal hopes to make a sale sas-soon

The wonderful queen of real estate gossip, the Real Estalker, wrote on her blog that mister Vidal Sassoon and his wife Rhonda (yes, wife, I was surprised too) have listed their 1950’s minimalist bungalow in the glitzy LA neighbourhood of Beverly Hills. The 6000 plus square feet bungalow (that’s 550 plus square meters for us normal folk) was designed by the noted architect to the stars Hal Levitt. This man designed many a house for many a movie star way back when Beverly Hills were still hills, Hancock Park was still a park and one could still breathe in fresh air in Bel Air.

Vidal Sassoon's home in Beverly Hills. Picture collage courtesy of the Real Estalker

The house has seen extensive renovations throughout the years. It still oozes 50’s architecture but I must say that for a man who does such wonders to hair, the house is a bit too bare for my likings.

It’s on the market for a staggering $17,500,000 but for that one buys a house previously owned by Her Royal Highness Princess Shams Pahlavi, the now deceased older sister of the last Shah of Iran. Not sure if that is actually enough of a reason for that hefty a price, but I know I’d be telling that to strangers in bars if it were my house.

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