AGA celebrates 300th anniversary with limited-edition cookers

To celebrate AGA’s 300th anniversary, the company commissioned four celebrities to pimp a cooker. This resulted in four limited-edition cookers from AGA Rangemasters four brands; AGA, Rangemaster, Falcon and Rayburn.

Emma Bridgewater's Polka Dot design

Pottery designer Emma Bridgewater designed a polka-dot AGA. Atomic Kitchen singer Natasha Hamilton covered her Rangemaster in prints of cup cakes that make your mouth water. Designer and TV presenter Oliver Heath has created a patchwork wood-burning Rayburn to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the Coalbrookdale foundry where all AGA cookers are made. Scottish Michelin-star chef Nick Nairn shows his pride in his heritage by adorning the Falcon cooker with the Nairn tartan.  

Oliver Heath's Patchwork design

AGA might not have found celebrities overly enthusiastic, or maybe they were a bit short on cash, as the line up is hardly A-list, but still; a great campaign from the company that brought warmth to many a kitchen.

“Almost all casting takes place at Coalbrookdale, the Shropshire cradle of the Industrial Revolution, where, in 1709, Abraham Darby first melted iron using coke. The latest AGA is made in exactly the same way; by pouring molten iron into a mould to create cast iron.” (source AGA website)

Nick Nairn's tartan design

Natasha Hamilton's cupcake design

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