Pied-de-poule; literally chicken’s foot. A dessin, mostly in black and white, woven into what looks like footprints of a chicken. As unclassy as it sounds, it has always been favoured by many Parisian fashion houses. Dior, for instance, uses the dessin for their Miss Dior fragrance.

Designers duo Mat&Jewski have incorporated the classic dessin in the lamp shade of their wonderful ‘Fleurs’ lamp. The base of the lamp is an elegant platinum style metal, and the shade is cotton adorned with beaded roses.

'Fleurs' by Mat

Miss Dior fragrance by Dior

More and more furniture-, fabric- and fashion-designers are (re)discovering this wonderful and remarkable pattern. I’ll keep you posted if I find more.

One response to “Pied-de-poule

  1. great design! Love the fleurs lamp!

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