Apartmenttherapy.com features my own home!

OK, shameless patting on own back here. The wonderful boys at Apartmentherapy.com have featured our home in the House Call section of their site .

To be fair, I submitted both the photographs and the story, but trust me, they are picky in what to share, and what not. I am very house proud and think the place looks great in the shots used.

A lot better from when I put in online on homevoyeurs.com in February 2009.


Apartmenttherapy.com is a wonderful site featuring house tours from all over the United States to Europe, South America, Asia, Africa and Australia.  From a small idea by founder Maxwell Gillingham Ryan to a multi media publisher Apartmenttherapy has grown to be leading in the decorating and interior design industry.

The Homevoyeurs.com webshop sells many books by the people behind Apartmenttherapy.com

Join them in the annual eight step home cure program. The book is on offer for $10,20.

Apartment Therapy: The eight-step home cure by Maxwell Gillingham Ryan

Product Description
From not enough space and too many things to not knowing what color to paint the living room walls, many of us struggle with our homes. Now Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan, frequent makeover expert on HGTV’s Mission: Organization and Small Spaces, Big Style, shares the do-it-yourself strategies that have enabled his clients and fans to transform their apartments into well-organized, beautiful places that suit their style and budget.

Week by week, Apartment Therapy will guide you to treat common problems, eliminate clutter, and revamp even the tiniest space. Here is an eight-step process that includes:

A therapeutic questionnaire to help you get in touch with your personal taste and diagnose your home’s physical, emotional, and energy flow issues

A prescription with recommendations for each room based on your needs and lifestyle–including tips on how to use color, lighting, and accessories

A treatment plan, including regular maintenance schedules to ensure the ongoing health of your space

Illustrations of floor plans and decorative examples that allow you to visualize concepts before you begin

With surprising ease and without elaborate professional help, Apartment Therapy will help you clear a path through disorder and indecision–to reveal a home you’ll love.

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