Home Arteconomy in Belgium

A Belgian couple commissioned Flemish architecture firm 51N4E to drastically renovate their farm-house. It was to be a place that was open and closed, private and public, sophisticated and rugged.

Arteconomy Courtesy of 51N4E

The couple, middle aged, had long wished to found a meeting place for people interested in the link between art and economy. Their own love for modern art drew them to modernistic architecture. The lay-out of their home, which they loved, did not meet the requirements for such a space. It needed a special treatment to fit its purpose as meeting point for creative interaction. The Brussels based architecture firm went to work, and with success.

Arteconomy courtesy of 51N4E

Most notable feature is a thin steel wall framing the surrounding fields and nature. It wraps around parts of the old home, and parts of the new add-ons. It seeps sparse lights where privacy and a darker setting is needed, and abundantly lets light through where openness is key.

Arteconomy courtesy of 51N4E

The owners often invite writers, artists and architects to stay in the house for creative retreats.

I like the building, it’s great, but the name of the house (gosh, art and economy meet… how to call this… I know! Arteconomy…) and the unpronounceable name of the firm make the hairs on my neck stand up.

photographer Åke Eson Lindman



One response to “Home Arteconomy in Belgium

  1. Ik ben hier dus echt te tuttig voor. Ik zie een viezige muur en denk “viezige muur”.

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