When our own home was featured on, we got quite few compliments on the highboard credenza. To be fair, I had to look up the word to find out what people were actually complementing us on. It’s the wooden liquor cabinet in the main picture, never knew that was called a credenza. It is most likely Scandinavian design from the 50’s or 60’s of the previous Century. I bought it for about $40 years ago at the Emmaus goodwill store in my hometown Haarzuilens to divide my studio flat in two separate parts. I needed something high enough to create the sensation of two rooms, but low enough to let the light flow through. It was exactly what I was looking for back then, and I still love it to bits.


Highboard Credenza


Doing a bit of research online I noticed that these chests are quite popular. This one at for instance is listed at $1.975.


Highboard Credenza at $1.975


And this one for $1.150 on German design website Room of Art


Room of Art Credenza $1.150


Ours is getting rather old. I should probably get it fixed before it collapses. The problem is that the thing is so bulky it is almost impossible to get up or down the stairs. I thought of maybe taking it apart with a next move, but now have second thoughts. I love it, so it might have to get a place in our next home too.

2 responses to “Credenza

  1. so why is it called “credenza”?


    That’s a good question Liz! And thanks for your research as you emailed me this: Originally in Italian the name meant belief. In the 16th century the act of credenza was the tasting of food and drinks by a servant for a lord or other important person (such as the pope or a cardinal) in order to test for poison. The name passed then to the room where the act took place, then to the furniture.

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