House that looks like Hitler

This is too funny to pass on.

“Morning. Here’s a house that looks like Hitler. Your welcome.” Thus read a tweet from UK comedian Jimmy Carr one day. This tweet turned Welsh Charli Dickenson into a bit of a celebrity Britside. It all started with a snapshot she took of a house in her neighborhood. Below is Dickenson’s photo.


The House that looks like Hitler


Several online and print media all over the world published about this picture, but often cutting of the top and bottom of the original pic to make it resemble Hitler even more.


Yes, this makes the house look even more like Hitler


Imagine owning this house. Every time you come home you enter the mouth of one of the world’s most hated men. Velcome Home!

Do you think this house looks like Hitler? Or do you have a picture of a home that looks like it has a face? Please share!


Smiling Home




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