Realtors for shame!

In january 2009, in an article about how not to present your home when selling, I wrote about a detached 30’s style home close to Amsterdam. It has everything going for it. Close to the city, large garden, great lay-out, views, dead-end street etc. The decor is hideous, but the current owners will take that with them. Lick of paint, maybe a new floor and some finishing touches here and there, and the house is as blank a canvas as any other.

You can imagine my frustration when I saw the pictures the realtor put up. Closed curtains, shady shots of storage rooms, cluttered bathrooms etc. To top it all off; the realtor added floor plans of a different house! And I still think that the little convertible on the drive way is the realtor’s. Parked as a getaway car: “I’ll just run in, take a few shots and that’s it”.

No surprise that three years down the line the house is still on the market. It looks very unappealing and

For shame! Even if your clients refuse to take any advice, there is no excuse for the way you present it online. And how hard can it be to add the right floor plans!

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