Floor plans of famous TV homes by Brandi Roberts and Inaki Aliste Lizarralde

Artists Brandi Roberts and  Inaki Aliste Lizarralde draw the floor plans of TV homes. For example Eddie Monsoon’s townhouse from Absolutely Fabulous; the Golden Girls’ Miami bungalow, Frasier’s Seattle apartment , the NYC apartments from SATC, Friends and the Big Bang Theory and the offices of Stirling Cooper Draper Pryce.

Inaki Aliste Lizarralde’s floor plan of Friends apartments

Inaki Aliste Lizarralde’s floor plan of Carrie’s apartment in SATC

Brandi Roberts sells the prints as art. In her own words:

“Fantasy Floor plans was born out of my love of drawing, pop culture and TV. My hand-drawn floor plans merge Pop Art with celebrity to make art that doesn’t just entertain, but captures the evolution of the American TV home over the last seven decades”.

I hear her! Many times have I tried to imagine the lay-out of Monica and Rachel’s great flat. or the lush place of Frasier in the show of the same name. Or come to think of it, the bungalow of the Golden Girls…. I even considered drawing them out myself on more than one occasion.

Brandi Roberts floor plan of Golden Girls bungalow

But as much as I love this idea, I immediately noticed some errors. I know I know,  jealous much? But may I?

Saffron’s room in Ab Fab for instance… There are several scenes where it is clear that her door is in the middle of the room. Also, the room is in between at least two other rooms as there are also scenes with people passing her room. And Serge’s room is drawn at the left end of the hallway while in the scene where Eddy is considering knocking down the wall it is clear the room is immediately next to hers and the hallway leads straight into the door. But still, what a great idea and damn her for beating me to it……

Brandi Roberts floor plan of Absolutely Fabulous

2 responses to “Floor plans of famous TV homes by Brandi Roberts and Inaki Aliste Lizarralde

  1. Yu are so right (and so funny) in your comments Pieter! I also miss the marks where the camera’s are situated! Are the walls maybe easy to move?

  2. .
    I would like to condemn here the attitude of Brandi Roberts, author of any of these drawings, which sells through its web Fantasy Floorplans.
    This design diva is the responsible for which have eliminated my work of several websites.
    She is calling to these sites to complain that my drawings are a copy of their simple blueprints.
    Can someone with a minimum of common sense think that this:

    is a copy of this?

    My drawings are artistic artworks, extremely acccurated in dimensions and proportions, coloured and full of furniturs and decoratons details.
    Her layouts are like a simple technical blueprints, undetailed and monochromatic.
    The only similarity it comes from the use os the same theme and the same sets to make both floorplans.
    And he must believe with the exclusivity of being the only person in the world that can make floorplans of TV series.
    When a site as Deviantart or RedBubble receives a demand from copyrights automatically retires the artworks without making and analysis of the works.
    This woman (Perhaps envious because I am able to do it better than she, fearful to earn less money if someone likes more my drawings as hers) are systematically claiming an absurd copyright that she does not have and harm me professional and morally..
    This is something absurd especially coming from another “artist”.
    We are all free to create what we want….
    Thank you very much.


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