Pillows of your pet

Yep, you read it right, a pillow OF your pet…I am not sure what to think of these custom pillows by Borderpress. Some look cute, some downright creepy. But it’s like with stuffing your beloved Fifi after she dies. Some people take great comfort in it. Personally, after our little Lola moves on the greener pastures, I’d rather not be reminded of her passing by seeing her stare back at me from the sofa. Then again.. I would keep a framed photograph of her, so why not a pillow.. I guess it’s each one his own taste. From a decorating stand point I like them!

Broderpress custom pillows of your pet

Broderpress custom pillows of your pet


2 responses to “Pillows of your pet

  1. bathtubbooks

    jaaaaaaa, een Doffeltje-kussen!

  2. Of een overleden geliefde, is dat niet een gat in de markt?

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