Fairytale chandelier turns room into forest

Not yet available, but already in demand, this amazing chandelier from Danish Hilden & Diaz projects a 360° shadow of trees and roots on the walls surrounding it. It was inspired by drawings of German biologist and philosopher Ernst Haeckel. I love it!

Hilden & Diaz forest chandelier

Hilden & Diaz forest chandelier

Unfortunately it’s not available yet, but as this blog post shows, many people are keen for it to go in production!

Source: thisiscolossal

7 responses to “Fairytale chandelier turns room into forest

  1. Alana Mellen

    Would love to buy this for daughter’s birthdate. Her whole house art work is trees. Please let me know $ and when available & where.

  2. Pieter Valk

    Dear Alana,
    We are not the sellers of the lamp.
    Please refer to the website of Hilden & Diaz.

    Team Homevoyeurs

  3. Hi could you email me when these becine available please? Thanks

  4. Eileen Schwab

    I want one- really badly

  5. Hi, Thanks for your comment on my post. However, I am not the seller of the lamp. I can therefore not let you know when it goes on sale. Check the website mentioned in the post for more details.

  6. Please let me know as soon as it’s available! A must have!

  7. Please refer to the website of the designer for availability.

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