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Photography faux-pas when selling your home

In an earlier post I showed examples of photography faux-pas often found in realtor presentations of homes. Pictures with people in it, clutter on the counter tops in kitchens, vague photographs of open closets or worse, stained toilet seats. Online one can find many sites where people showcase bad examples. One of them is foutehuizen.nl which is run by a team of stylists who’s speciality it is to make people sell their homes faster. This site shows that realtors are often clueless when it comes to presenting property. Some examples are tragic and make you wonder if the owner, let alone realtor, truly wants to sell the house.  Check the site out, it makes for a good laugh.

Seriously, how hard is it to clear the surface before taking the picture???

Their site links to an example of a site run from the Phoenix Arizona area. Uglyhousephotos.com currently opens with a photograph of a dinosaur shaped bed. Cute if you are 9, but I doubt a 9-year-old can afford a two-story duplex with park views….

 Google for more website featuring photography faux-pas. And if you have any examples to share, foutehuizen.nl will gladly put them online for you.