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This candle creates a new one as it melts

How cool is this! Candle wax is great for recycling, but it tend to be hard to melt, pour and set to dry without clogging up your sink or ruining your pottery. This The Rekindle candlestick holder by designer Benjamin Shine makes it easy, very easy. The wax melts back into the holder, creating a new candle on the spot. All you have to do is insert a new wick, and it looks as if even that is taken care of!

The Rekindle by Benjamin Shine




Set fire to a skyscraper

Designer Naihan Li came up with this simple yet surprising design; candles shaped like iconic sky scrapers. You can set fire to some of the world’s tallest structures. The series is aptly called ‘Flammable’ and is joined with a politically correct rationale. Something about an aversion to modern architecture blah-di-blah. Either way, they look awesome and I can imagine it might feel oddly satisfying to light them. It has a nice little Voodoo-touch to it, don’t you think?

Flammable, by Naihan Li, is a series of candles shaped like iconic high rises and skyscrapers.

Source: Inhabitat.com