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Yves Klein blue

Yves Klein (28 April 1928 – 6 June 1962) was a French artist who was an important member of the  Nouveau réalisme movement. He was instrumental in the development of performance art. But he is also known for a well-known series of ultramarine blue monochrome paintings he first exhibited in Milan in 1957. This deep, lapis lazuli like, blue became known as International Klein Blue. He later used this same colour for his famous ‘Anthropometries’ series for which he covered women’s naked bodies with IKB and had them jump or fall against white linen and canvasses.

Yves Klein Anthropometries of the Blue Period

Untitled blue monochrome by Yves Klein

Today the colour is used in both contemporary and classic interior designs.

Yves Klein painted walls in an interior shot featured in Elle Décor

Yves Klein coloured coffee table and pillow cases. Photo from coralwhenblue.blogspot.com

Table revamp with IKB wall by Naomi Stein in post on Apartmenttherapy.com

An IKB painted feature wall in New York Magazine


Artless limited edition Melinda Chair in IKB wool





Illuminated bed Poesy

With this bed you don’t need a night lamp by your bed anymore. It is illuminated!
It changes colour and can be programmed to wake you up too! It was designed by Philippe Boulet, a young French designer who caught the attention of Philippe Starck when he was still in art school. He already won several important awards for his designs. The bed is called Poesy and costs around €6877

Bed Poesy by Philippe Boulet


Regal recline

Goerge VI liked baths. And he liked to take naps after his baths. He would stretch out on a daybed by TOP French designer of those days, Jacques Adnet. Andre Arbus was inspired by the regal recliner and designed the Du Roi 7391CS chaise for Baker Furniture. The chaise was part of the King’s Bedroom interior at the Palais de l’Elysee, home of the President of the French Republic well into the 20th Century. It´s yours for around $8.500.

Du Roi chaise for Baker Furniture