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Prefab homes from Seattle

Recently I wrote about German company HufHaus and their luxurious prefab homes. An owner of a similar company in the USA sent me a note telling me about their modular homes. Founded in 2008, Stillwater Dwellings is a Seattle-based company that designs and builds high-quality, prefabricated, contemporary homes featuring quality materials, fine detailing, and eco-friendly features.

Stillwater Dwellings artists impression

Most homebuyers want input and choice but find the infinite combination of decisions overwhelming. To make it easier for customers the company introduced three base packages, each of which is modifiable. The Natural Package is simple, warm and refined, with abundant natural wood surfaces; the Modern Package is clean and minimalist; and the Fundamental Package is stylish, fun and durable.

Stillwater Dwellings

During the design phase clients receive a comprehensive stylebook with an image of every item that goes into the house. Clients go through the stylebook with a Stillwater Dwellings designer who will answer questions and describe the options, modifications and substitutions available to tailor the home design and make it their own. All 3 style packages include a high level of green and sustainable living features: low VOC paints, dual flush toilets, ultra-high efficiency heating and hot water systems, natural wool carpeting, sustainable wood flooring, eco-friendly Marmoleum, engineered quartz slab countertops, over-insulated walls/ceilings/floors, and high-efficiency windows with argon gas and low-e film.

Prefab homes from Germany

Homevoyeur’s recent post about Sears Catalog homes got me thinking about the current trends in prefabricated homes. As a kid I would already order catalogs from Dutch companies like Goldewijk en Selekt.  And ever since I picked up a magazine with floor plans in the USA I have frequented websites of companies selling floor plans on more than one occasion. More recently, I learned about a German company called Huf Haus. They claim to be the Bentley of prefab homes, and they just might be right…

Huf Haus

I was lucky enough to witness their launch in the Netherlands as the company I worked for did their PR. They spread out rapidly and have recently opened shop in the USA. They build modular post and beams homes in a factory but leave a lot to their clients own wishes and demand. The homes are anything but standard. The modular structure allows for clients to build a unique home.  Huf Haus works together with interior designers and top of the bill appliance manufacturers to make sure the inside of the home it catered too also.

Huf Haus

Heat insulation layers on the structural wooden parts make the homes extremely energy-efficient. That and the fact that modular factory built homes are much kinder to the environment make Huf Haus a great green alternative too.

Huf Haus