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Dutch apartment building for sale for 1 Euro.

An earlier Homevoyeurs.com post dealt with the question whether or not a council estate could be considered a monument. Park Hill in Sheffield got a grade II listing placing it in the top 7% of most important UK buildings. In the article Homevoyeurs compared Park Hill with the Amsterdam neighbourhood Bijlmermeer. Coincidence has it, Amsterdam housing association Rochdale is trying to sell off an entire apartment building in the Bijlmermeer. The entire building, with hundreds of apartments, is for sale for the symbolic figure of 1 euro. The 11 story structure is almost certainly going to be torn down as renovation costs are too expensive. It’s monstrous appearance however,  is testament to its birth period and some people think it should be preserved and get monumental status.


Judge for yourself. But bear in mind that some of the world’s most famous buildings were once erected despite many protests. The Eiffel Tower being one. Up to far after its completion, and far after it proved its touristic success, people wanted to have it torn down. Not saying Bijlmermeer is like Paris, but let’s try to consider its historical value. Isn’t it worth preserving just for that? To illustrate a page in Dutch building history?