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Mayor Bloomberg’s decorator spills the beans

New York City Mayor and billionaire Michael Bloomberg has always been keen not to share too much about his home and private life. It’s must bug him that his interior decorator posted photo’s of two of his homes on his website.. for the whole world to see. An editor of the New York Times revealed the photographs. The images have since been taken down but too late to prevent several online posts including this one. Might I say; what tacky an interior this is? I’d expect a bit more class or at least a little less zoo from the Bloombergs considering their conservative dress sense……

Bloomberg's townhouse


More small spaces, but this is too great not to share! A rooftop cottage in NYC!

The New York Times regularly features a segment called ‘Who lives there’. It’s about unusual property in Manhattan and the people who live in it.

One of the properties featured is a quaint rooftop studio in the West Village. It sits atop a popular tea room and most people walking by will likely miss it. For the few that notice it, like the article mentions, it looks like a small cottage or artists studio dropped on top of the original building. Mary Biosic is lucky enough to have snapped up this place and calls it her first NYC home.

Piotr Rodinski for the New York Times

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