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Funny little table. maybe create a padded stool?

On garbage night when we were walking our dog Lola, we found this small quaint little table between someones trash.

funny little table...someone loves carpentry ;-)

funny little table...someone loves carpentry 😉

It looks like it walked out of a childrens book. It has black details on the legs and on the side of the top. A funny feature is that it opens up to reveal a box shaped storage unit. Great for knitting needles or the remote control of your TV (and in our case VCR/VHS, DVD player, UPC digital set, stereo)



I think I will try to paint it warm grey or black and maybe pad the top with a grey-ish floral pattern or a lush velvet. I would just need to buy some round shaped padding foam and fabricated pins.

A bit like this.

A bit like this.

Only I would leave the bottom bit wood I guess. It might be too small to pad the entire thing plus I really like the legs. I guess I could draw fake milled lines in a slightly darker colour on the legs to make it looks more rich?

I would end up with a more classic version of the well known skai/faux leather knitting poof our grannies loved.

I had one in green in my room in college ;-)

I had one in green in my room in college 😉

Any suggestions? Let me know. I will make sure to post the final result on here.