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Dutch Cabinet

Dutch artist Sara van der Heide has been drawing Dutch cabinets since October 14, 2010. That was the day the current Dutch government started. Prime Minister Mark Rutte started this cabinet (Dutch; Kabinet) with the support of right-wing party PVV who won a huge amount of votes. She decided to draw a Dutch cabinet in the furniture sense of the word every day this government will be in place. The drawings showcase our diverse and often colonial history and make a great statement. However, I find the cause a bit annoying. A democracy is a democracy so if a party wins, no matter how much you dislike them, you have to deal with them. I believe that if you want to prevent them from winning again, you need to reach out to the people who voted for these folk in a way they understand. In most cases, they have absolutely no radar for art in any shape or form. As much as I love this project, I think it is lost on the them.


Sara van der Heide, Hollands Kabinet