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Samantha’s beach front property from Sex and the City

Do you happen to be able to spare $55.000 a month? Or $75.000 if you are not in town for long? In both cases, you can rent the magnificent beach front property Samantha lived in in the first Sex and the City movie. It’s in the Californian town of Malibu, a short drive from Los Angeles. Malibu is known for a LOT of famous inhabitants. And for Malibu Barbie off course.


Samantha's Malibu home in 'Sex and the City'

Lot of glass and a lot of sticky sand. I'd go mad

Do you recognize it from the movie?


If the house comes with Samantha’s hunky neighbour it might be worth your money.

Thanks for Hookedonhouses for sharing the story on Facebook. Images courtesy of come2malibu