Moving to Andalusia



Talking of living. My bestest friend Liesbeth has elevated living to a form of art with her hubby Tycho. They moved to the top of a mountain in the south of Spain, orange ridden Andalusia to be precise, and she is now pursuing a career in knitting! (to be fair, knitting next to a fabulous career in journalism….)

Her blog is to be found here:

If you ever dream of making that big move, read this. All the valuable and must knows are there. She promissed me to share photographs of her new, and without a doubt lovely, habitat. So far I havent’s seen anything..  Have you?

Let’s stalk and beg her to share!

Me not even having a balcony to EAT an orange on am a tad bit jealous. Talking of balconies. read more about those elsewhere on this site.

2 responses to “Moving to Andalusia

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  2. And a great website it is! I want to move there, too…

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