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Yarn Bombing

The days that knitting was something for the nerdy or elderly are far behind us. Knitting has taken the streets with some true street creds! Yarn Bombing, also known as Knit Graffiti is a form of graffiti with less destructive results. The tags are colorful displays of knitted objects or collages instead of paint.  Anything can be yarn bombed. Busses, benches, poles, parking meters, statues or, as the yarn bombed Banksy below shows, existing graffiti. It is said to have originated in Houston Texas in 2005 by design collective Knitta Please.


Banksy Yarn Bombed

Yarn Bombed tree with Twiggy portrait

Yarn Bombed graffiti spray 'paint' cans

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Knitting Art




Moving to Andalusia



Talking of living. My bestest friend Liesbeth has elevated living to a form of art with her hubby Tycho. They moved to the top of a mountain in the south of Spain, orange ridden Andalusia to be precise, and she is now pursuing a career in knitting! (to be fair, knitting next to a fabulous career in journalism….)

Her blog is to be found here: www.movingtoandalusia.com

If you ever dream of making that big move, read this. All the valuable and must knows are there. She promissed me to share photographs of her new, and without a doubt lovely, habitat. So far I havent’s seen anything..  Have you?

Let’s stalk and beg her to share!

Me not even having a balcony to EAT an orange on am a tad bit jealous. Talking of balconies. read more about those elsewhere on this site.