Old Baptist orphanage from the 17th century

In the Dutch city of Haarlem the old ‘Weeshuis der Doopsgezinden’ (Baptist Orphanage) has been remodeled into several city apartments. The building, dating back to 1634, is located in the very heart of the historic city center.

One of the apartments on the top floor is for sale and the owner(ess) granted me permission to share it with you.

The apartment is not very big, about 75 square meters, which is about 810 square feet.  But because of the high ceilings, the light and the clever lay-out it feels like a lot more. The ceiling is still pretty much original with exposed beams. This allowed the architect to create a small room/entresol overlooking the living room and kitchen.  To get acces to this, he designed a modern and basic flight of stairs which do very well in these historic surroundings.



The kitchen was designed especially for this flat.  It’s woodwork is finished in absolute white. The surface is solid granite slate. Together with the top of the bill appliances brands, this kitchen is a dream for wannabe chefs.

towards the kitchen

towards the kitchen

New skylighhts and clever use of existing windows make this a very light and spacious apartment. This compensates the fact that there is no balcony. However, very few houses in Dutch cities do. And often city councils like to keep it that way especially in the case of monuments. It will therefore likely not be possible to create one here.
A spacious double bedroom and bathroom with shower and hook-ups for washer/dryer further complete this flat.
light and spacious

light and spacious

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