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Skycraper designers forgot to design elevators

It was designed as a beacon of prosperity – the Intempo Skyscraper in Benidorm. A proud building to show that the popular beach town was not affected by the crunch. In a rush of greed and over-excitedness, the design was changed from an original 20 storey building, to a 47 storey one. Too bad they didn’t redesign the elevator shafts and room for technical equipment, as the space needed for elevators serving 47 floors is now simply not available. The building however, as the images shows, is near completion.

Photo: Gizmodo / Economia – The designers of this building forgot to design elevators

Public toilets turned into architect’s dream home

Well, your initial thought might be what I was thinking too. No matter how cool this house is going to look, I am not sure if I could ever live in what was once a public restroom. But London-based architect Laura Clark went for it and after long legal battles bought the old restroom from the local council, and revamped the space into her dream home.

The place before. Now there are some original features you might want to get rid of instead of preserving……
image source: telegraph.co.uk

The place after. I am beginning to see what she was thinking
image source: telegraph.co.uk

The garden is where the stairs to the ladies restrooms were. The entry to the men’s is now her front door.
image source: telegraph.co.uk

The flat has no windows, only roof lights. But it still seems bright and airy. I really hope she managed to get rid of any lingering odour though. All in all I am impressed with her pezzaz, or chutzpah if you will, but am not sure I would call it worth it. To be honest, I find the decor a bit dull.

Read the whole story here.

Soucre: telegraph.co.uk

Barbie´s new career, and her new home to boast..

Barbie, yes, that Barbie, has switched careers. Mattel’s latest addition to their Barbie I Can Be line of dolls is Barbie Architect, complete with a blueprint holder (in pink, obviously), builder hat, and black smart-looking glasses. Mattel partnered with members of the American Institute of Architects to make sure her outfit reflects that of what a real architect would wear. (erhm… OK….)

Architect Barbie and a model of one of her designs

That same partnership resulted in a competition for Barbie’s new dream home.

The design brief was written in “Barbie’s voice.” It includes phrases like “I love to entertain,” and “as the original fashionista, you can imagine how large my closet needs to be!”

Barbie's new home designed by Ting Li and Maja Paklar

The lucky winners are Ting Li and Maja Paklar who hope to “encourage more young female architects to flex their design muscles.” I must say, playing with Barbie as a kid myself sparked my interest in interior design too! I never actually played with the dolls but by god, her home was always perfect!



spinning house

I found this video on Walmart’s Youtube channel. Quite a good channel to check out actually as they also post diy and deco tips.

This house spins to get the most out of the stunning views and the light. It doesn’t spin very fast with 48 minutes for a full rotation. Designed by famed architect Richard T. Foster in 1968 (as a collaboration with Philip Johnson), the home is on the market now with an asking price of $1,750,000.00.

Old Baptist orphanage from the 17th century

In the Dutch city of Haarlem the old ‘Weeshuis der Doopsgezinden’ (Baptist Orphanage) has been remodeled into several city apartments. The building, dating back to 1634, is located in the very heart of the historic city center.

One of the apartments on the top floor is for sale and the owner(ess) granted me permission to share it with you.

The apartment is not very big, about 75 square meters, which is about 810 square feet.  But because of the high ceilings, the light and the clever lay-out it feels like a lot more. The ceiling is still pretty much original with exposed beams. This allowed the architect to create a small room/entresol overlooking the living room and kitchen.  To get acces to this, he designed a modern and basic flight of stairs which do very well in these historic surroundings.



The kitchen was designed especially for this flat.  It’s woodwork is finished in absolute white. The surface is solid granite slate. Together with the top of the bill appliances brands, this kitchen is a dream for wannabe chefs.

towards the kitchen

towards the kitchen

New skylighhts and clever use of existing windows make this a very light and spacious apartment. This compensates the fact that there is no balcony. However, very few houses in Dutch cities do. And often city councils like to keep it that way especially in the case of monuments. It will therefore likely not be possible to create one here.
A spacious double bedroom and bathroom with shower and hook-ups for washer/dryer further complete this flat.
light and spacious

light and spacious