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Public toilets turned into architect’s dream home

Well, your initial thought might be what I was thinking too. No matter how cool this house is going to look, I am not sure if I could ever live in what was once a public restroom. But London-based architect Laura Clark went for it and after long legal battles bought the old restroom from the local council, and revamped the space into her dream home.

The place before. Now there are some original features you might want to get rid of instead of preserving……
image source: telegraph.co.uk

The place after. I am beginning to see what she was thinking
image source: telegraph.co.uk

The garden is where the stairs to the ladies restrooms were. The entry to the men’s is now her front door.
image source: telegraph.co.uk

The flat has no windows, only roof lights. But it still seems bright and airy. I really hope she managed to get rid of any lingering odour though. All in all I am impressed with her pezzaz, or chutzpah if you will, but am not sure I would call it worth it. To be honest, I find the decor a bit dull.

Read the whole story here.

Soucre: telegraph.co.uk

Restaurant designer David Collins dies

David Collins, founder of the well-known London-based interior design studio with the same name, died last Wednesday after a short battle with skin cancer. Collins was best known for the design of famous restaurants including The Wolseley, Nobu, Massimo in London and many more in the USA and abroad. He also designed for various hotels and wellness facilities as well as the occasional residential project.


Massimo Restaurant and Oyster bar designed by David Collins. Image source: Dezeen.com

A message on his website reads “It is with great sadness that we announce the death of David Collins following a short but valiant battle with cancer.”


$480.000.000 London home for sale.

I checked by bank accounts but am short about $479.999.999. Pity, because otherwise I could have afforded this lovely little pied-a-terre in posh Kensington, London that’s on the market for 300 million GBP…. It’s got 45 bedrooms spread out over a total of 7 stories and boasts a view of London’s Hyde Park. It was owned by Sultan bin Abdulaziz, the deceased Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. Now as we all know sultans and such are famous for their understated class and sense of style…NOT! So no surprise that this house is whispered to be decorated with gold leaf.. Classy right?

$480.000.000 home in London’s Hyde Park

Kenneth Grange: Making Britain Modern

Britain’s leading product designer, Kenneth Grange, designed many household products used in homes throughout Britain and beyond. Kodak Cameras, Kenwood food mixers, the London Taxi; they are all the product of his talent. The Design Museum in London is showcasing a retrospective celebrating his 50 year career. Beware of Nostalgia! The exhibition lasts up to October 30th.

Kenneth Grange designed Kodak Camera

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