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Restaurant designer David Collins dies

David Collins, founder of the well-known London-based interior design studio with the same name, died last Wednesday after a short battle with skin cancer. Collins was best known for the design of famous restaurants including The Wolseley, Nobu, Massimo in London and many more in the USA and abroad. He also designed for various hotels and wellness facilities as well as the occasional residential project.


Massimo Restaurant and Oyster bar designed by David Collins. Image source: Dezeen.com

A message on his website reads “It is with great sadness that we announce the death of David Collins following a short but valiant battle with cancer.”


Another daybed

Loyal reader Arjan commented on my previous post with the suggestion to check out the PK80 by Danish designer Poul Kjaerholm. I found this image that I just had to share as it would’ve surely been included in the post if I had found it. I love the grey faded woods with the credenza combined with the cognac leather upholstered PK80. A true gem this….

PK80 by Poul Kjærholm

Showcase your interior design talent on Youtube

As some of you might know, my actual grown up job is PR consulting. Recently I was interviewed for a website about PR and the impact of social media. As an example of how social media can help you build your brand or business I would like to share some video’s I found on Youtube. They were made and uploaded by Rebecca Robeson of Robeson design in San Diego.

Wether or not you like her style is a matter of taste, I think she is very talented, but I admire how she manages to combine my two passions in life; interior design and PR. Her video’s show that she is determined, has creative ideas, understands her clients, has style and they are fun to watch.

A little bit of history repeating

CPB 2101 fire screen

CPB 2101 fire screen

His royal hunkiness Swedish Prince Carl Philip had designer aspirations. To prove his abilities he designed a series of cutlery and more recently, this cast iron fire screen. The design has historical references: On May 7th 1697, a large fire broke out in Tre Kronor castle in Stockholm, burning most of it down to the ground. It has since been restored, but this screen works as a constant reminder of what fire can do. Set in the fireplace, it will be almost like a small theater stage, with the blazing fire behind the black iron.

Available exclusively through Svenskt Tenn, a Swedish high-end department store.